In Conversation: Lindsay Jason

By Sam Patterson 

Lindsay Jason is a multi-talented individual who isn’t afraid to wear her passions for art and environmentalism on her sleeve. As a fourth-year ecology student, she is driven to make a positive impact on the environment as well as her local community here in Athens. But beyond her academic pursuits, Lindsay also operates as a talented artist with a unique sense of style. She draws inspiration from the natural world around her, which is evident in her artwork. In this interview, we'll get to know Lindsay better and learn about her journey as a local artist.

Lindsay didn’t have what you would call a “typical” upbringing in art. At Montessori, her childhood school, students were able to have a lot of freedom to pursue their passions outside of the classroom, such as art. “I only took like, two semesters of art… so I feel like I call myself self-taught to a certain extent. Because I never really got too formal with it.” Lindsay believes that her school's more freeform approach let her learn to have more creative freedom in her art, even today. “It definitely did influence me as an artist because I had so much freedom to be able to, you know, set aside a part of my day to just do watercolor and paint.” Lindsay also stated that painting tends to be her favorite medium to use when creating, because she sees it as a less restricting medium than others like pencil sketching. “I think I found a greater love for painting because the lines are less rigid.”

Using her preferred medium of painting, Lindsay has created some pieces that have allowed her to meet some of her idols. “My favorite thing is to do special art for people I look up to, and that’s how I’ve gotten in contact with people that I look up to.” Most notably being Josef Martinez, a star soccer player then playing for Atlanta United. Lindsay had been meaning to tackle working on a larger canvas for quite some time, and chose Martinez as her subject due to him being her favorite soccer player. Starting out, however, it seemed a daunting task. “That was my biggest canvas piece up to that point by far. And I was terrified.” However To get through the fear of a blank canvas, Lindsay used her signature style of observational art with a twist to play to her strengths.
The twist for the Martinez painting ended up being the centerpiece of the painting; Lindsay was able to creatively give the illusion that Josef was wearing two jerseys at once, one being his club jersey of Atlanta United, while the other was his Venezuelan national team jersey, because of how prideful Martinez is of his home country. And, after being in touch with Martinez via Instagram, Lindsay was able to go to an Atlanta United game to present the piece to him in person. “The pictures (of me and him) made me cry, because he was genuinely admiring it. I was like, ‘wow, he’s not just doing it for the cameras.’ I could genuinely tell by his face that he loved it.”

Another idol Lindsay has had the opportunity to meet through her art is prominent Georgia politician Stacey Abrams. Even though Abrams ended up losing the 2020 Georgia governor election, Lindsay admired the hard work Abrams put in to encourage Georgians to do their part to vote. “She lost the race, but she’s still putting in 100% effort into getting Georgia votes to matter. She’s so inspirational to me that I wanted to make something special for her, and creating her portrait in blue really felt right to me” So, when Abrams made a

Going forward, Lindsay hopes to continue making pieces for other people because, at the end of the day, that’s what keeps her creating. “I try to get people to commission for me because it motivates me to do more work.” Using a selfless approach to art benefits all parties, as Lindsay gets joy from creating, and the recipient of her art enjoys receiving a personalized piece of art from her. And, further, she intends to donate a large portion of her commissions to charitable causes she’s passionate about, such as a fund for indigenous communities that she is currently donating to. “That’s just something I can do. Art makes me happy, I love doing it, and I’m getting this money so that I can put it towards something else.”